Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Event Mogul Bursts Onto Bollywood Scene!

Modern Renaissance Woman lands a leading role in a major Bollywood picture, proving that women in the middle east really can be self made and successful at whatever they put their minds to.

Sonia Klair has done it all. As a model, she's been in beauty pageants and fashion shows all over the world. She's been a highly successful event coordinator and a champion in sales. She owns property on two continents. She has even recently signed on as a partner at a growing automotive company.

Strong and self confident, Sonia Klair is something of a self confessed gym addict. The requirements of being a model notwithstanding, she is fond of several styles of dance. Experienced in Bollywood dancing, Latin dancing and loving Zumba best of all, Sonia's physique is as formidable as her mental prowess.

Sonia Klair's managerial roles include taking the lead of several sales teams in various companies she's worked for. She has also taken the reins on several expositions, organising nearly every aspect of the floor space. Her charisma has won her a great deal of respect, as her ability to sell has made a great deal of money for the companies she's worked for.

Her acumen is not limited to the sales end of things, though. As a buyer, developer and flipper of real estate, she has snapped up some of the best properties in New Zealand and other countries. Her most recent real estate interests are in the white hot markets of India.

Now this unstoppable woman wants to take on the burgeoning Indian film industry, and carve out yet another successful niche. Having scored numerous supporting roles, she's recently begun filming for her first starring role in a Bollywood picture, a comedy that is scheduled to be released in 2012.

Shooting on the as yet untitled film is set to begin in Mumbai India, but will continue in far-off locations (to be decided) such as Egypt and Italy. While she is already a well travelled, cosmopolitan woman, Sonia Klair is nonetheless excited about how many stamps her passport is going to get over the next couple of years.

Ever the humble person, Sonia Klair is extremely active in church functions and community out reach programs. She has put in numerous hours of work in youth functions, and has also volunteered at refugee camps where she has helped the victims of domestic violence. Wise beyond her years, Sonia Klair believes that no matter how successful a person may become, it is important to help those less fortunate than oneself. After all, there is no such thing as a completely self made person.

Sonia previous work has included volunteering at a centre for abused women, managing and organising popular expositions, buying up some of the best real estate on Earth (especially in New Zealand), and training successful sales people at nearly every company she has ever worked for.